Rheinmetall highlights its multi-car or truck logistics convoy capacity

The Rheinmetall Route is a verified autonomy package (A-kit) transforming manned autos into unmanned power multipliers. Linked to a set of innovative sensors, these types of as LiDAR, radar, and cameras, any drive-by-wire logistics autos can achieve autonomous driving and navigation. The convoy mode is portion of the many ways autonomous motor vehicles can be operated. As shown, a chief motor vehicle can be determined and the rest of the autonomous convoy can comply with its specific path. Thanks to a powerful overall performance of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems, any jobs can be executed irrespective of the temperature or the setting – Dust, weighty snow, tall grass, GNSS-denied procedure, etc. Such revolutionary convoy idea indicates sizeable operational alterations in the foreseeable future not only for logistic missions but also for all varieties of operations.

Passion FOR Know-how. Rheinmetall is a sector leader in the places of environmentally friendly mobility and risk-ideal security know-how.
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