Tesla FSD Beta 10 69.1.1 – True Entire world Large Rain Test

This is Tesla Whole Self Driving Beta 10.20.11 / 2022.69.1.1
This is not an autonomous car and I am in entire handle at all periods although driving.

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:00 Beginning
1:15 Enhancement from 10.69.1 – improved on ramp efficiency
3:41 Hefty Rain Avoiding FSD from Performing
5:38 Something AP does better than FSD
7:13 FSD Functioning In Rain
7:37 Enhancement – self incorrected into proper lane
7:52 Desires Advancement – not acknowledging oncoming site visitors
8:41 Enhancement – A great deal much better at this change
10:32 Requirements Advancement – unsuccessful to detect lane thoroughly
11:46 FSD Enabled Again
14:14 Advancement – managed UPL improved
16:55 Needs Enhancement – should really transform lanes faster
19:47 Requires Improvement – really should adjust for speed just before limit
21:33 Hefty Rain w/ NOA

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