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You are on the Professional Robotics channel and in this video clip we current high-tech news. In this episode you will learn about artificial intelligence that applications robots, Boston Dynamics information, new developments in the actions of four-legged robots, and other superior-tech information. Watch the video to the end and write in the opinions why you consider artificial intelligence is being introduced into robots?

:00 In this video.
:21 Spot’s Choreographer software program
1:20 Protecting Jueying waterproof edition
1:41 Robot adapts to any surface area
2:43 Guardian XT can take care of tree trimming in the park
3:23 Hydrogel-based mostly comfortable mind implant
4:05 Robots manipulate objects devoid of grips
5:44 Unique variations of robot gait
5:08 Dipper – air-drinking water hybrid equipment
6:50 Programming robots with artificial intelligence
6:18 Retail Community Automation
6:49 European robotic arm
7:33 Chinese engineers unveil robotic arm
7:50 RoboShuttle unmanned minibus
8:18 Shipping and delivery of merchandise by robots
8:46 Updating the Tesla Supercharger network of fast charging stations
9:17 Pentagon’s Lord of the Ghost fleet program
9:51 Launching and barraging the Hero-120 ammunition
10:30 Sensor-Tech Laboratory, has formulated a new ELVIS implant

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