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The internet of things, or IoT, is a procedure of interrelated computing units, mechanical and
electronic machines, objects, animals or men and women that are provided with exceptional identifiers (UIDs)
and the potential to transfer details more than a network without the need of necessitating human-to-human or human-
to-laptop conversation.

we will discover how to make Movement Activated Stability Procedure for your household or Garage. We
will discover how movement sensors function, how easy it is to add an industrial grade alarm. We will
wire this method, establish our android / IOS application which will obtain notification and see this
process in action. So let us get began.

We fundamentally need to have a method that can be activated on movement, later on on we will make a pretty
higher pitch annoying seem as alarm and lastly we will incorporate skill to change the alarm ONN /
OFF and get notified on Application every time alarm is activated.

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00:00:00 Disclaimer
00:00:09 Introduction
00:01:00 Symbol
00:01:08 Problem Statement
00:01:38 Styles of Sensor
00:02:15 What is doppler outcome?
00:02:39 Areas of RCWL-9196
00:02:49 Doing the job
00:03:37 Factors utilized
00:03:38 Microcontroller Nodemcu
00:03:59 Buzzer Alarm
00:04:28 One channel relay
00:04:38 Blynk
00:05:06 Code element
00:05:56 Setup blynk
00:07:01 Connections
00:07:58 Tests
00:08:18 Enclosing in a box
00:08:53 Summary

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