🔴 Construct Spotify Blockchain Web3 dApp with Upcoming.js, Solana, Phantom, QuickNode & Digital Ocean

In this tutorial, you might be gonna be setting up the Spotify Blockchain Net3 dApp applying Up coming.js, Solana, Phantom, QuickNode & Electronic Ocean 🚀

⛓️ Create your account on QuickNode 👉 http://quicknode.com/cleverprogrammer

🦈 Develop your account on Electronic Ocean 👉 http://do.co/cleverprogrammer

🔗 GitHub Repo: https://github.com/CleverProgrammers/spotify-clone-blockchain
🪙 Sol Faucet, to deal with your transaction fees: https://solfaucet.com/

You can expect to be understanding about:

👉 Creating the Spotify World-wide-web3 dApp with Future JS
👉 Making your plan on the Solana Blockchain employing Anchor with Rust
👉 Storing your songs on the Solana blockchain
👉 Use Quicknode as our RPC company to hook up to the blockchain
👉 Use Phantom Wallet to authenticate the end users
👉 Deploy this dApp to the world-wide-web making use of Digital Ocean

Buckle up, buttercup 🚀


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🐦 Observe me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/cleverqazi
📸 Adhere to me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cleverqazi/

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