What is Net3? | The Ultimate Information to Net 3. and the Metaverse

About the last couple months, you’ve got no question listened to the buzzwords “Website3,” “decentralization,” and “the Metaverse.” But what just IS Web 3.? In present day episode, Kayla Kilbride clarifies World wide web3’s goal to be a new version of the world-wide-web, which emphasis decentralization, a singular Website3 account, and cryptocurrency’s purpose in all of it.

Time Stamps ⏰
00:09 Recapping Cryptocurrency & Metaverse Romantic relationship
00:15 What is decentralization?
00:45 Decentralization illustration
01:14 Why is decentralization critical?
01:48 Internet 2.
02:08 Internet 3.
02:18 Web3 and crypto wallet development
02:58 Website3 account examples
04:00 Up Next

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