Reid Hoffman | Vices and Virtues in World wide web3

Greylock common companion Reid Hoffman and his Blitzscaling co-author Chris Yeh analyze the existing progress of Web3, concentrating on how fundamental human mother nature is driving some of the innovation.

This discussion was sparked in part by an posting by Bloomberg reporter Joshua Brustein, who interviewed Hoffman about his the latest essay on his expertise as a Net 2. entrepreneur and investor. In that essay, Hoffman explained the approaches the “wild idealism” of the era led to main improvements that each positively and negatively impacted the planet, and how the “seven lethal sins” of humanity type the basis of a lot of technological pursuits. You can read through a transcript of this discussion here:
You can browse Joshua’s tale right here: wide web3-silicon-valley-s-new-obsession-seems to be-a-large amount-like-last-a single?sref=ojgukC4T

Intro 00:00
Similarities Involving World-wide-web3 & Net 2 00:16
Wild Idealism 08:26
User-Created Worth 13:56
The Primary Fatal Sin 18:45
A Moral Choice 25:04
Decentralization 30:33
Rethinking the Current Electronic Architecture 35:14

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