LSEC N-IAS Cybersecurity : Azure IoT, Sphere, Sentinels – Microsoft in industrial cybersecurity

In 2019, at the Hannover Good in Germany Microsoft released its Azure IoT Plan updates, a promising platform which include the access to Azure IoT equipment, and a vast viewpoint on Protection. Later in the yr the new Azure Sentinels platform was released, a platform for Stability Incident and Occasion Management (SIEM) and over and above. The two tightly integrated with Microsoft fits and for companies working predominantly Microsoft environments. But can it be a support to managing Industrial CyberSecurity? How does it integrate with other existing operational systems, can it operate in the Microsoft Azure cloud while integrating securily with our interior operations? How does this architecture develop towards the long run and what likely will it offer you in a wider point of view in the Industrial Cybersecurity room, now Microsoft has obtained CyberX and is shifting into distinct other industrial area this kind of advert Electronic Production Twins.

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