Digital Twin: A Fancy 3D Visualization!?!

Seeking at publications on the topic of Digital Twins, it seems that a DT is a fancy 3D Visualization – this is rather an regrettable predicament. Digital Twins are THE main of the cyber-bodily loops and should really be the main of electronic transformation projects. In this video clip, I am presenting my view on digital twins and on the extensive wide variety of digital twins and threads.

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If you want to know additional about Digital Twins and NDE 4.:
► J. Vrana: The Main of the Fourth Revolutions: IIoT, Digital Twin, and Cyber-Actual physical Loops
► J. Vrana & R. Singh: Cyber-Actual physical Loops as Motorists of Benefit Development in NDE 4.
► J. Vrana & R. Singh: Digitization, Digitalization, and Digital Transformation
► J. Vrana & R. Singh: NDE 4. – A Design and style Contemplating Standpoint
► J. Vrana – NDE Notion And Rising Actuality: NDE 4. Benefit Extraction
► Handbook of NDE 4.
► Intercontinental Convention on NDE 4.
Inbound links to the personal sections of this online video:
:00 Welcome
:17 Introduction
2:50 Digital Twin: Fancy 3D Visualization!
4:19 What is a Digital Twin
7:57 Digital Twin Wide range
9:34 Digital Thread
10:42 Diploma of Automation
10:59 Function of the Human
12:17 Visualizations
14:10 Much more Info
14:40 Last Ideas
NDE 4. Videos:
► Welcome to the Planet of NDE 4.

► The 4 Industrial Revolutions

► The Four NDE Revolutions

► Major 5 Frightening Views on NDE / NDT

► What is NDE 4.? – The key use cases for NDE 4.

► The WHY of Industrie and NDE 4.

► The WHY of NDE 4. @ Ripi Singh

► Why do “I” have to have NDE 4.? – A dialogue on the Why of NDE 4.

► Semantic Interoperability using Ontologies and Details Types

► The Concept of the Digital Twin

► Fundamental principles of Knowledge Safety

► Digitization, Digitalization, Digital Transformation, Informatization

► Why Proprietary Info Formats and Interfaces Damage AND Why Knowledge Transparency and Ownership are Essential

► What is the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and How to Integrate NDE

► IIoT Main Connectivity Benchmarks

► IIoT vs. Large Information in NDE: DICONDE

► How to Make sure Facts Safety and Ownership in the IIoT and in the Related Earth

► The Benefit Technology Motor for Marketplace 4. and NDE 4.: The Cyber-Physical Loop

► We don‘t will need NDT. A few of sensors will do a better job!?

► NDT: Pointless Price tag Component!?

► Price Development working with Cyber-Bodily Loops

► NDE 4. Ecosystem, its Core Stakeholder, and Price Chains

► The Top 5 Scary Myths on Digital Twins

► Digital Twin: A Fancy 3D Visualization!?!

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