To start with Push with Tesla Whole Self Driving Version 10.69.2: The Common Loop in Significant Site visitors

I have bad news. My massive trouble with merging into remaining change lane(s) in the metropolis is still there. Out of 5 attempts FSD was successful in only a single really basic left change merge. I normally had to use the flip sign to request the lane adjustments but even then I experienced to yank the steering wheel thereby exiting FSD to merge into the left switch lane. Display screen evidently confirmed the left flip lanes and navigator was conscious that transform was only 400 feet away so this is not a camera or navigator trouble. Version 10.11.2 was A lot much better in this regard.

One more function that leads to a whole lot of nervousness is the tactic speed for TURNS at city intersections. FSD tends to tactic these turns to inside of about 200 feet at the local pace limit (often 45 mph). Intersections have dense targeted traffic and should be approached extra slowly and gradually than this. This high technique speed saves almost no time so it is not justified.

I’m delighted that Chuck Cook’s still left switch difficulty would seem solved but I am not brave ample to try that kind of convert. So no troubles are solved for me.

This is NOT an autonomous car. I preserve my palms on the steering wheel at all situations. I am absolutely liable for accidents or injury that my Tesla will cause.

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