How Internet of Things – IoT & Cyber Physical Systems Will Shape The 4th Industrial Revolution

IoT short for Internet of things & Cyber physical systems are going to shape the the future of technology and the 4th industrial revolution or industry 4.0

The quote from the “Economist” in 2017 “The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data” holds true today more than ever before.

Internet of Things is one of the pillars of the 4th industrial revolution. With the increase in adoption of different technologies such as Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Cyber Physical Systems and IoT, the world of digital transformation is about to take another leap in the next few years.

The technological advancements around the world is directly proportional to the growth of global automation which is driven by the Internet of Things and Cyber physical systems.

These systems will provide the foundation of our critical infrastructure, form the basis of emerging and future smart services, and improve our quality of life in many areas.

While Internet of Things takes care of the connections between objects and machines to the internet, Cyber physical systems are machines in which a mechanism is controlled or monitored by computer-based algorithms.

Other phrases that you might hear when discussing Internet of Things and Cyber physical systems are Smart Anything: Manufacturing, agriculture, Cities, Buildings, Homes, pills etc.

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