European cybersecurity Webinar Collection: Safety of Industrial Systems and the IoT

For the series of webinars of the ECA´s Cybersecurity Campaign we wanted to develop room in which CISOs and suppliers can have a substantial-amount exchange without having any “intent to promote”. Gold

Our six speakers Eleonore Nantas (Thalès), Roland Atoui (RedAlertLabs), Hervé Bury (Framatome), Nicolas Cote (Tehtris), Vincent Nicaise (Stormshield) and Gweltas Radenac (Wisekey) experienced a excellent time whilst keeping the discussion high-conclude and answering many inquiries from the crowd.

Their contributions were being on-concentrate on and insightful and stemmed from experience, touching on the subsequent subjects: What are the priorities when securing industrial OT+IIoT methods? How can a huge industrial enterprise can make sure its IIoT is totaly safe? Are retrofits in stability achievable? How do plant level staff members apply stability actions ? Are European end users and vendors all set to scale up their company ? And at last: When will we have frequent standard and certification regulations throughout the EU?

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