Education for the 4th Industrial Revolution | Dr. John Baruch | TEDxBradford

John addresses the impending replacement of 50% of our jobs that use the human physical and mental dexterity, with robots. The chat explores how it is critical to create the new overall economy ahead of the new technological innovation absolutely wipes out the aged one particular and so give our young folks with positions.

John also discusses his Robotic Rallying venture, a GEM (supplying training that means) project. The challenge of our training method that it is developed for personnel in factories to stick to routines and not be artistic – this is the quite reverse of what is needed.

The very first workshop on Education and learning for the 4th Industrial Revolution took area in June 2018 in Beijing and laid out what was demanded to begin creating the new financial state. Robot Rallying is a British isles GEM venture aimed at creating the creativeness that is at the coronary heart of the new economic climate of the 4th Industrial Revolution. College of Computing, Informatics and Media. He directs the Bradford Robotic Telescope – the world’s initial robotic telescope, which he aided establish. This speak was presented at a TEDx event working with the TED conference format but independently arranged by a local local community. Find out a lot more at

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