Deception Technological know-how for IT/OT/IoT Environments | FortiDeceptor

#Fortinet’s #FortiDeceptor is a Distributed Deception System (DDP), simulating a variety of forms of IT, OT, ICS, and IoT decoys, as perfectly as significant applications (e.g. ERP/SAP, etc.). As soon as deployed, it mechanically performs energetic/passive asset discovery, generates asset stock, and endorses optimized decoy placement. Also, FortiDeceptor delivers advanced analytics by means of #MachineLearning and generates IoCs, as effectively as data attackers’ routines for later playback, all to assistance speed up investigation and reaction. Using created-in abilities, it aids detect and proactively block attacks from IT devices and OT method controls and integrates with enterprise IT and safety infrastructure as an integral element of Fortinet #SecurityFabric.

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